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Are you missing something?

Are you missing something? Something is not right in your business. You cannot put your finger on it. You are doing all the things you think you should be. You are working hard and putting in the hours. You have read the books people recommend and talked with others about your concerns. No matter what you do the business does not seem to take off. Soon after the end of your financial year you have a meeting with your accountant. The accounts can be filed, you have made a profit, you have tax to pay. It’s an anti-climax. Why is the profit not bigger? Why is my income not much more for all the effort I’m putting in? Why can I not afford to get more help? What is missing? Will next year be any different?

If this sounds familiar, and you are missing something, what is the missing link? The starting place to unearth the answer might be in this short video about the two types of accounts. https://lnkd.in/dyz7ExF7

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