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Do you really know how your newly formed remote WFH team is feeling?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Working from home can be lonely for the staff and the managers may have concerns about the welfare of their staff during these unusual times and how productivity is being impacted, when they cannot see the staff.

For many businesses, working from home has been imposed upon them suddenly by the CV lockdown and they do not have experience of managing staff in what is a stressful time for everyone. The change in the way of working will have prompted many managers to review how to manage in the new situation by adapting traditional practices. Virtual tea-room gatherings, virtual socials and other on-line methods have emerged whilst email, zoom meetings and telephone calls have become the norm.

Whilst these practices are novel and staff participate as they get used to the new arrangements, in practice the staff are juggling many balls. Some are contending with schooling their off-spring, others have elderly dependents and there is also the challenge of obtaining basics from supermarkets with long queues or extended delivery times, not to mention the logistical issues arising from shielding or self-isolation arising from other occupants of the home. The unavoidable distractions will undoubtedly impact upon productivity and performance.

Helping to overcome these issues and many others, will be appreciated by the staff. By engaging with the staff and gaining their input using a structure, the issues can be overcome more quickly which will be reflected in the staff’s efforts. When the lockdowns are lifted, the staff will also be more engaged with the business. Typically, issues can occur with:

· Disruptions and distractions

· Interaction with customers

· Managing workload and time

· Job Security

· Technology and connectivity

· Relationships with peers

· Relationships with managers

· Social interaction with team members

· Other issues.

Using the completely free tool from one of my trusted partners, you can assess how your newly-remote teams are doing. Using the results from a survey which will only take a few minutes to complete, you will be able to identify adjustments that will improve connection with your staff, productivity and performance.

To find out more about the tool and do your first “remote team working survey” use this link. https://bit.ly/2JRnXH4 or contact peter.searle@ba4cs.co.ukto find out more.

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