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Want to win tenders by a whisker?

Tendering takes nerves of steel. Why does it feel like everyone else has advantage over you when tendering for work? Larger businesses complain that smaller businesses have virtually no physical overheads, small businesses complain that bigger businesses have so much work that they can bid lower. They are both right, but these are not valid reasons as to why a business wins a tender. Regardless of size, the lowest bidder is simply the winner.

If you are the lowest bidder by a long way, you will possibly lose money as a result. The “race to the bottom” to secure work is a race you win at your peril. Clients are nervous when this happens as a contractor might fail before the project is finished. Alternatively, you can bid it so that you are a whisker less than the next lowest bidder. It’s about knowing your market, finding the market price and being selective about what you bid. Clients who use tendering, love it when prices returned are tightly grouped. They have the best price, and they know the business carrying out the work is not reckless, as their bid is verified by the other bidders. Watch this short video to learn about a technique which will enable you to win tenders by a whisker. https://lnkd.in/dBdPTdcd

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