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Will you fall before the last hurdle?

Updated: Jan 6

Leaders and staff are exhausted with all the changes in the last year. With the start of 2021 there is hope, as the vaccine program is rolled out. The exhaustion stems from businesses instigating survival actions, while others have scaled up at a rate unimagined before. The clock cannot be turned back. There will be a mixed response by the staff to the current ways of working which have been introduced. They will either be rejected, accepted, or expected as the normal going forward.

Will your business fall at the final hurdle as the effect of the vaccine is realised? Exhausted, some business owners will wait and see, but others will look to the future and will be proactive in re-engaging the staff with an updated compelling vision and finding out what the staff’s expectation of the future is.

There are 6 areas you can examine to sense check how the culture of the business has been impacted. From this you can ascertain what requires addressing to realign the values and purpose of the business with the culture you desire.

1. Stories – The new events, and people, talked about inside and outside the company.

2. Rituals and Routines – The daily behaviour and actions of people that signal acceptable behaviour.

3. Symbols – The visual representations of the company, including the images on “Teams” when staff are working from home.

4. Organisational Structure – Both the structure defined by the organisation chart, and the unwritten lines of power as cover for staff isolating has been arranged.

5. Control Systems – How the business is controlled. Including, communication, IT interface, financial systems, quality systems, and rewards.

6. Power Structures – The pockets of real power in the company and how they influence.

As the clock cannot be turned back there is a real threat to a business’s culture as the “temporary” practices are deemed acceptable. Survival has been achieved. Now, as the end is in sight, owners and leaders should be proactive with the next evolution of the business’s culture. The owners and leaders should not give up, even if they feel exhausted, otherwise all the efforts of the last year will have been in vain.

A first step to stimulate the discussion with the staff about the future, would be to survey them and ascertain their views. With some hard facts to work with, making the next step will be easier as it is informed. This free confidential survey can be completed easily by the staff and will give you valuable insights. http://bit.ly/3q8czu2

To find out more about the survey or request a white paper about “The threat to company culture businesses face” contact peter.searle@ba4cs.co.uk

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